convergence youth

fridays @ 7:00pm


Every Friday @ 7:00pm

Convergence is our youth ministry, which takes place every Friday night, running with the public school terms, from 7PM - 9:30PM. They gather in the Youth Hall which is a few shops up from our Main Auditorium.

That they would be captivated by the light rather than lured by darkness. We envision a group of teenagers growing up in a fun & relevant environment where:

  • God’s nature is revealed,
  • Salvation through Jesus is understood,
  • Empowerment in Holy Spirit is experienced,
  • Devotional disciplines are developed,
  • Lasting friendships are created,
  • Passion & purpose collide,
  • Purity is prized,
  • True identities are discovered,
  • Testimonies are told,
  • Memories are made
  • & Future lives are set up for convergence.
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  • (011) 452-9318
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