Our Pastors

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Mark & Belinda Fletcher

Mark and Belinda have a strong heart for making a difference in their community and a desire to establish various outreach ministries. They want to see the kingdom of God rooted in the lives of the people in the Grace Place church and God's glory displayed through their actions.

Mark accepted Jesus into his life at a young age and has dedicated his life to serving God and His people. He has been in full-time ministry since 1993 and was ordained as a pastor in 1997. He has an amusing yet thought-provoking preaching style and his messages are practical and to the point.

Mark and Belinda were married in 1994 and have two children, Nathan and Jaime. Belinda is passionate about her family and her role as a wife and mom. She is actively involved with various aspects of ministry at the Grace Place and enjoys reading, cooking and anything creative.


Vergil & Tracy Eddie

Vergil and Tracy have been married for over 30 years and have raised three children who are actively involved in ministry. The couple functions as counsellors and believe in practically applying the principles of God's Word.

Vergil has a passion in leading people to the love of Jesus Christ, and is unashamed of the Gospel. He is "hands-on" and is the type of person to "get things done".

Tracy has a strong teaching ministry and believes in the power of the Word of God. She oversees the day-to-day running of the Grace Place Ministry Training Institute (based on the ISOM curriculum) and is gifted in the area of organising as well as counselling.


Branham & Jay Francis

Branham and Jay are a modern-day on-the-go young family. Branham grew up in a pastors' home, whilst Jay accepted Jesus as her Saviour prior to their marriage.

Branham and Jay are super organised and often participate in event planning and hosting. They have busy careers and a young family, but always seem ready to lend a helping hand to ministry occasions or assist other families in tough times.

The love and joy of Jesus radiates from this family and they are always willing to serve in any capacity with a smile on their faces. This is also evident in their son Aaron who at such a young age helps his parents.


Alfred & Joan Ramare

Alfred and Joan are the Lead Pastors of our very first church plant in Olifantsfontein, and since inception the church has grown well and they have made a huge impact on the community they serve.

They both love to help those who are less fortunate and often put their own needs last. Giving wherever they can has been the catalyst to their great testimony.

There is power in humility and this is seen in their lives. We are blessed to have them as part of our team.


Salesh & Chantal Sewnarain

Salesh & Chantal lead our Sunday Helpers team to make sure that everything runs smoothly, as well as our Care Team. As a pastoral couple, they are always ready to help and serve wherever they can.

Parents to two children, Teraia and Jason, this family serve the Lord together. Salesh and Chantal are always willing to lend an ear and a compassionate heart as well as share their wisdom.

Their testimony of God's grace, love and healing is inspiring to all who hear it. We are grateful for their service to Grace Place.


Peter & Tracy Rhode

Peter and Tracy Rhode is a couple who believe in a "Lord of 2nd chances and new beginnings." Having overcome significant losses in both their pasts, they have come together under the tremendous restorative power of God's Word.

They have found their calling as a Pastoral couple in the five-fold ministry, focusing on preparing and presenting short courses on (amongst others) marriage enrichment, biblical principles on financial management, etc...

Peter has been active in church and youth leadership as well as a member of the church council over the years, and Tracy, who grew up in a Pentecostal home has a strong ministry for issues that women face including assisting those who are broken-hearted.


Kieron & Natasha Eddie

Our worship pastors at Grace Place, Kieron and Natasha, are full of life and energy. Worship at Grace Place is an incredible experience and we see great things happening in this ministry as they lead the team to greater heights.

Kieron is employed full time at Grace Place doing what he loves, which shows in the exciting worship experience we have every week-end, and Natasha who works in Marketing and Advertising excels at what she does.


Shaun & Jozette Horne

Shaun and Jozette are couple who are currently leading the young-adults ministry at Grace Place. They have a passion to help people fulfill their dreams and realise who they are and what they can accomplish in life.

Shaun's dynamic way of preaching and getting the message of the Gospel across is unique and really challenges whoever hears the message in a fresh and practical way. Jozette is a qualified school teacher at a local High school and she also leads our hospitality team every Sunday.

They are a great asset to the Kingdom of God and add an interesting dynamic to our pastoral team.