Grace Place Bible College

Study the word of god

The Grace Place Bible College offers Diploma, Degree and Master’s programs in conjunction with the International School of Ministry (ISOM) as well as Vision International University.

The Diploma is a three-year course and includes five trimesters from Isom as well as Live lectures, Practical preaching sessions and Ministry opportunities for students. There are also discussion sessions regarding all subjects taught.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry continues on from the Diploma and is a further two years of study. It includes five modules with students receiving their degree from Vision International University in California.

The Master’s Program extends a further 2 years after the degree and includes three modules, nine book reports and a 25-page Thesis.

Each student is given a manual for every subject, making it easy to study at home and prepare for exams. All subjects covered are conducive to spiritual growth and ministry as a believer of Jesus Christ.

In partnership with ISOM

Over the last decade ISOM (International School of Ministry) has become the world's largest DVD Bible School. It is estimated that at least 250 000 students in more than 140 nations are being trained this way. The Grace Place Bible School, in partnership with ISOM, is for anyone who would like to strengthen their walk with God as well as those who are called to the five-fold ministry.