Ages 3-12 yrs

Grace Kids is our Children's Ministry.

At Grace Kids we want to teach our children to BELIEVE the exciting and unfailing Word of God, DISCOVER a life of adventures in Christ and SHARE our hearts with the young ones entrusted to us, growing in His grace.

Grace Kidz is situated 4 shops down from the Main Auditorium. Kindly register your child/children 15 minutes before service begins. We have four classes, namely:

    YELLOW (AGES 3-5 Years)
    BLUE (AGES 6-8 Years)
    GREEN (AGES 9-12 Years)

Our Core Beliefs

Each child is a gift from God (Psalm 127:3-5 and Luke 17:2).
Each child (person) has the nature of sin and needs Jesus as their Saviour (Romans 3:23).
Each child is able to grow in grace and use their unique gifts and abilities for the glory of God (1 Timothy 4:12).